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  • How long will it take to process my POS Cashier access request? (Back to top)

Allow seven (7) working days for both network and OneStep access.


If the account being used is new then allow fourteen (14) working days for both the account to be added to the accounting system and the transaction request to be added to the POS system. If the account is already in the accounting system, then allow seven (7) days for the transaction to be added to the POS system.


A branch number is the three (3) digit ID number that identifies the location of a given workstation or register and the merchant account number under which the workstation operates. All branch numbers for web-based branches begin with a 9 and associate the branch with a merchant account number so credit card transactions can be processed. For more information on merchant numbers, visit the e-Commerce website. A branch can have multiple workstations, but a workstation may be assigned to only one branch.  The branch number is required when completing the Transaction Type Request Form and can be obtained by contacting the POS Coordinator.


A register number is the three (3) digit ID number assigned to a workstation within a branch. You will need to provide your register number to the POS Coordinator when requesting assistance with a transaction and/or a payfile. To locate your register number, open a payfile in OneStep if you do not already have one open. At the top of the screen, locate your name. Locate the string of numbers between brackets to the right of your name, for example [12345678-0]. Your register number is the three digits to the left of the dash. In our example, the register number would be 678.

Source and sub source codes are numeric designations that identify types of revenue.  The state of Washington, through its Office of Financial Management, assigns 3-digit source codes for state agency use.  The University’s Controller Office assigns 2-digit sub source codes to further define a revenue type.  The Controller Office can also assign a 3-digit source code if it is not in the State Administrative & Accounting Manual (SAAM) and there is not already a 3-digit source code in SAAM that the revenue type fits into.


Contact your Area Finance Officer (AFO). The source/sub source numbers can be determined by using “BALANCES”.


Changes can be made to the transaction type's description field, budget/project and source/sub source numbers, and associated branch. This means you can use the same transaction type ID and/or description when changing the budget/project number for a new fiscal year. You can also associate a single transaction type with multiple branches (merchant numbers) or move them to another branch.


  • Should I add a new transaction type or change the current one? (Back to top)

If your current transaction type is no longer going to be used, you can re-use it with a different description and coding. If the transaction type is going to be used in the future you will probably want to use a new one.


  • Who should I contact if I have further questions? (Back to top)

If you have further questions, please contact the POS Coordinator by e-mail at pos.admin@wsu.edu or by phone at (509) 335-2070.

Treasury Management, PO Box 641025, Pullman, WA 99164-1025, 509-335-8154, Contact Us