Washington State University

Point of Sale

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WSU receipts over $700 million per year in revenues from various sources through its over-the-counter cashiering system (often referred to as the Point of Sale or POS system).  At the heart of the system is CORE Business Technologies’ One-Step payment processing software.   To accommodate web payments, CORE built five custom interfaces to the One Step program:  a Cougar Card web service;   EDC AIMS web service; the UREC shopping cart; credit card processing for WSU’s central payment site; and a PeopleSoft interface for customer identification,  balance presentment and real time update of customer accounts in the PeopleSoft Student Finance module.     

 In collaboration with University Information System Services and Network & Security Services, Treasury Management supports a total of 28 POS workstations at 16 customer service locations across WSU’s four campuses.  The Tri-Cities campus has one cashiering center.  There are two cashiering locations in Spokane, three in Vancouver and ten on the Pullman campus.

 Treasury Management’s POS support includes:
  • Administering daily POS balancing and end-of-day processing;
  • Resolving compatibility or operating issues with software and hardware, in consultation with our IT partners;
  • Configuring users and transaction types;
  • Designing user reports;
  • Installing POS software and hardware;
  • Providing training.
 University Information System Services supports:
  • The POS interface to the University’s accounting system;
  • E-commerce integration with the POS system.
 Network & Security Systems assists with:
  • Server administration;
  • Network security.
Treasury Management, PO Box 641025, Pullman, WA 99164-1025, 509-335-8154, Contact Us